Did you put off learning guitar for too long?

But you still wish you would have learned it?

Join all the other guitar players just like you who found their favourite place to learn to play the guitar to finally sound like they know what they are doing.

You know you want somebody to help you.

When you have toothpain you go to the dentist and see a specialist.

When guitar players are frustrated with their guitar playing, they come to me.

Here is why:

Band on Stage

I simply do things differently. And I will tell you all about it but here it is in a nutshell.

I always strive to be the guitar teacher that I would have needed, when I had no clue what to do to improve.

  • An empowering and encouraging attitude
  • Getting me in touch with a supportive group of other guitar players instead of always being on my own
  • A way to hold me accountable to my guitar practice even if times are tough
  • Find ways to make even the tough times fun
  • Showing me that there is more to playing guitar than just learning to solo and play your favourite songs (even though those are the things I do enjoy the most too nowadays)
  • And knows how to support me in many other areas of musicianship
  • A supportive and modern platform that allows to ask for help almost all around the clock
  • Simply someone who CARES about my longterm goals and has a clear and structured and flexible plan to get me there
  • Someone who SHOWS me how to practice by myself so that my gains just multiply over time

I get true, tangible results.

My students progress with 5 % PER session (on average).

“You don’t just find this anywhere else in Finland.” – Joona Salonen

Students here don’t even know anymore how it is to feel stuck, because they learn exactly what to do to break through their plateaus and what strategies to apply to get their fingers to move in the way the need to.

This is what it looks like:

About 10 years ago, still in Germany, I just picked up the guitar again after a 5 year break (to focus on sports and school, stupid idea haha I started out so promising, see the photo of young me at some school concert when I was about 12) and I asked a guy in the local music store (his name is Pico) what I should do if I want to become a guitar player who plays in a band but isn’t talented enough.

He said “Boy, you gotta make up for it somehow”.

And he’s right!

So I sought the best help I could get and learned from the best of the best to:

Young Michael Korte guitar player kitaratunnit tampere

Make up for YEARS of time wasted NOT learning guitar

Guitar Teaching Certificate Michael Korte
Guitar Teaching Certificate Michael Korte

I can say I am truly proud of what my students have achieved:

Well done, Lasse. These riffs are AMAZING:

These are NORMAL people like you and me, who just want to have FUN playing guitar, enjoying the journey of learning and not be so frustrated anymore.

They all started some day and were a beginner.

Some earlier, some later.

But they never gave up, they followed the right directions and now are pretty satisfied with what they achieved. And they can pick up the guitar whenever they want and play exactly what they want to hear.

Your progress might be faster than them, it might be slower.

But you WILL make steady, solid, consistent progress.

If you make it into my reassuringly expensive guitar training programs you can rest assured I will dedicate all I got to you becoming the guitar player you always wished you could be!

What do you mean “make it into my programs”?

I have a quite unusual approach when it comes to getting results for my members.

The truth is:

For some they just don’t work because their personality and how they learn is just not compatible with my approach.

So feel free to leave this page if you:

  • Think that it’s cool to claim you are “self-taught” (what-ever that really means)
  • Want to make guitar practice a hard struggle and bang your head against the walls of guitar gains (it’s fine if you do, I respect that too, you will just not fit in here)
  • Do all the heavy lifting by yourself
  • Have difficulties to follow clear instructions and sticking to them for a while before seeing results
  • You are afraid of exposing your weaknesses so that we can work on them
  • You are not willing to practice more than 3h per week
  • If you rather save money than time

But for others they work nearly like MAGIC and if that’s you,


I guarantee you with my Moose-Wrestle Guarantee that you will not recognize your guitar playing if you seriously commit to what I am about to show you.


Meaning: If you wouldn’t wrestle a moose to keep progressing and training with me, I will refund you the last 3 months of your tuition fees.*

And I will continue teaching you until you have reached that point of HOLY-SH-THIS-WORKS.*


And as far as I am informed:

I am the ONLY Guitar Trainer in Finland who gives you that kind of iron-clad guarantee

You can choose if you rather save money or save time.

Because it will take you way less time to learn to really play guitar with the right support by your side.

So if you want to join the happiest guitar players in Tampere, get in touch with me here by telling me a bit about yourself:

We will simply have a talk about your guitar playing, I will get to know you a bit better and your situation and find out if I have the right solution for you or not.

No sales pitch, no commitment, just a little chat, promise.